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#IFORINDIA is an idea to contribute to our Home (India) by the Yuva, for the Young India.

An initiative where the members will engage in a recreational activity which will play a hunch in spreading more patriotism while they explore the uniqueness that India has to offer and focus more about their Idea of India. All the members of the manch will be a part of a social causes on the days of the manch.

Corporate Partnerships

We engage in various projects ranging from Travel to Education to Sports and more. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities of partnering with you. Please write to

Work with Us

In case you would like to join the organising team and get an experience of working in the various sectors (such as Travel, Marketing, Public & Guest Relations, Event Management, etc.), please send your CV and a covering note why you would be a perfect candidate for the role to work at

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