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Gen Z & nationalism

The war of words about who is better, amongst The Gen Z's and the Millennials and Boomers has been going on ever since this terminology has evolved. Especially when it to boasting about a value and moral system, boomers and millennials have always looked down upon Gen Z in this aspect.

Originating from the same thought process, is the general belief of the elderly that the Gen Z has little or no feelings of nationalism, and per se are sparsely patriotic. However, as a Gen Z, what is our opinion on this?

First of all let us consider the overflowing information access that Gen Z has, due to different forms of media.

When we bring the angle of media into discussion let us also remember that the state of media in our country is not 100% authentic. Thus The Gen Z does not have access to immense no of facts, but alternatively immense no of opinions and POVs as we would like to call it regarding every small to big matter of politics. This is the reason most Gen Z's are repelled by the discussion of politics as it is more often than not too overwhelming.

However, this is one side of the coin. Due to this overflow of information available, a large section of youth has felt the urge to participate, react and take some action regarding events or injustice happening in the nation.

Many have used social media sites like Twitter and Instagram to start campaigns against what they think is wrong, or to support what they think is correct. They believe being 'Woke' is not detrimental and is necessary to bring change in society.

The Gen Z also have this conviction that the government is by them and not the vice-versa, hence if they feel it is not working in the best interest of them and the best interest of the country, they should speak up against it. This section of youth is not afraid to ask questions neither feels the need to plainly surrender to authority.

Talking about nationalism as a feeling amongst the Gen Z, many argue about its prevalence. Due to increasing brain drain and the youth succumbing to the tempt of settling abroad and leaving their own country, the claim of depreciation of the feeling of nationalism amongst youth is made.

However, a counter argument presented to this is that emigration has always existed, however this cannot be used to the whole generations emotions towards their nation. Many sections of today's Yuva believe that they shall dedicate themselves towards their nation and thus work while staying here.

Hence, the relationship between Gen Z and relationship is filled with assumptions and pre conceived notions, however their is no single layered truth!

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