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The hymn of Vasudeva Kutumbakam,

Exchanges in over 19500 languages,

The origin goes back to the 10th century,

and a civilization inculcating all the religions!

Serving more than 31 unique cuisines,

Sharing Yoga for better health,

Developing brains through Chess,

Our Home leads the World!

Building the first university (Nalanda),

Inventing the number zero,

Pillaring the famous monuments,

Our Bharat has spread knowledge globally!

Celebrating over 50 festivals,

Welcoming strangers by “Atithi Devo Bhava”,

Greetings by Namaste to Assalamualaikum,

Our Idea of India believes in one world and one family!

Covering temples of Tamil Nadu,

Establishing the Indian Silicon Valley,

Raising careers in the City of Dreams,

Producing the glocal leaders in Delhi,

Riding Camel in the deserts of Rajasthan,

Trekking in the uphills of Himalayas,

Finding Heaven in Kashmir,

Our Sone Ki Chidya has covered it all!

Some recognize it as the world's youngest country,

Some recognize it as a religious country,

Some recognize it as a leaders country,

Indians call it Bharat Maa!


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